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Testimonial – 40’ x 22’ log cabin

Absolutely thrilled with our 40’ x 22’ log cabin. Arrived in a huge lorry, a local farmer very kindly unloaded under the directions of Malcolm who made sure that each huge package which was marked with contents was placed in right sequence for the build. The base had been completed by local contractor. Malcolm’s small team arrived on Monday and we watched it grow like a huge Lego house. The actual structure was built up to the eaves by Friday ready for first fix of plumbers and electricians. After first fixed we’re done team we’re back to put on roof, insulate and board out inside. Absolutely love life in our log cabin has made life so much easier for us and it is so cosy. Highly recommend this company for quickness, quality of work and fairness to us. Isobel Hoare. Hereford

40’ x 22’ log cabin